When Disaster Strikes, Call Action Restoration. Hurricane Harvey – Hurricane Irma – Mexico’s 8.1 Earthquake – Wildfires in California. While we don’t tend to worry much about major natural disaster response teams locally, West Michigan has fought her battles with Mother Nature. Headlines in recent years tell the tales.

But it doesn’t take a hurricane, earthquake, tornado, or even a blizzard to cause disaster. It can happen when you leave the stove on or when a pipe slowly drips over time. Smoke damage from a pot accidentally left on the stove – even when there’s no fire – can make your home unlivable. Mold and mildew that grow in areas that are always damp because of leaking, dripping pipes create an extreme health hazard. Disasters big and small happen in West Michigan every day.

natural disaster response

Action Restoration Response, Recovers, and Restores

It doesn’t matter what the natural disaster response is – help after damage from water, fire, storms, wind, or mold and mildew – our philosophy is the same in every situation. “It’s all about restoring people’s lives.”

When you’ve gone through a disaster with your home or business, you need a reliable resource that knows what to do in every situation and has a quick action plan. Action Restoration will Respond to your call for help within an hour. They walk with you through every step of the Recovery process. And they’re here to help Restore your life. When disaster strikes, call Action Restoration at 616-797-0847.