Disaster Recovery Plans

Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) is becoming a priority as never before. More and more businesses and homeowners are beginning to understand the importance of preparing for a disaster before it happens.

Disaster recovery planIt is unrealistic for us to feel that we are safe from perils such as fire; flood, explosion, and computer malfunction (to mention a few). Being prepared for severe incidents such as these will keep you one step ahead of the game.

What if you had a fire that resulted in the total loss of your investment property? Would you remember every last possession that you own? Chances are, no. Having a DRP in a situation like this would be of great benefit. Within minutes you will be able to provide a pre-loss inventory list to your insurance carrier, whereas it may have taken you weeks or even months if you hadn’t been prepared. This will allow you to settle your claim faster, more legitimately, and with more efficiency

Do-it-yourself inventory programs are available, or you can hire an outside professional to do the inventory for you. When Action Restoration is contracted to create a pre-loss inventory list, you will be a given a detailed inventory list of each item in the property, the replacement cost of each piece, and a photograph of each item that was inventoried. It is up to the property owner to determine the extent of detail for each inventory report.

Since there are so many potentially disastrous events that can occur, it is hard to pinpoint what will best suit your current situation. Below are some suggestions to get you started?

  • Risk assessment: Determine what incident will most likely affect your property.
  • Prevention: The best way to prepare for disaster is by avoiding disaster. Therefore, look for potential problems and correct them.
  • Maintenance: Changes to organizations occur all the time - it is essential that your DRP reflects these changes.
  • Off-site backup systems for your computer server.
  • Additional endorsements on homeowners insurance (i.e., sump pump coverage, landslides, sewer backup, jewelry, inflation protection endorsements, etc.)
  • Remember, whatever the ultimate cause of the disaster, ACTION RESTORATION INC. Stands prepared to assist in the recovery. For additional information on services available, feel free to contact our expert professional restoration staff at (616) 797-0847