It was several years ago. Matt had just started his company about a year or two before, and I had heard about that through the grapevine. I have a duplex in Wyoming that was my starter home, and then I moved out of that and rented both sides out. Long story short, they had a fire one morning on a Sunday, actually one night on a Saturday night a kid playing with a lighter started his bedroom on fire.

I woke up Sunday morning to several voicemails and phone calls that there was an incident over there. So Sunday morning I head over there instead of going to church and find that the bedroom was all burned out, a lot of smoke damage upstairs and that sort of thing. So I gave Matt a call, and he came out basically right away. Did an assessment and let me know kind of an estimate of the damage and made a game plan as far as how to go from there. He boarded the place up and then over the next couple of months worked again with me and the insurance company and the mortgage company to get it fixed.

I called Matt and he came and basically took it from there, so I really didn’t have any planning or foresight or anything like that. It just happened. I reacted to it. I knew he was in the business, so I gave him a call and he kind of helped me with the rest.