Basement Flooding Repair

Water damages today differ from water damages of the past. One hundred years ago, few structures in this country had significant indoor plumbing to trigger basement flooding repair needs. The water wasn’t flowing in that direction.

A leaky roof or storm flooding was most often the cause of water damages. The water coming into your home today enters from a gigantic list of new sources - ice-maker connections, washing machine hoses, water beds, HVAC leaks, indoor plumbing overflows, and sprinkler systems.

The manufacture or construction of new homes creates an additional need for mechanical ventilation required to prevent indoor air quality and moisture problems.

We are more dependent upon adequate drainage and humidity control systems and consequently suffer more losses when these systems fail.

Drying these environments is often slowed by air-tight environments with poor air exchange rates.

The changes in building materials and related products have changed the damages resulting from water losses, some for the better and some for worse. Some of the new products will absorb, hold and release moisture faster or slower than materials previously used.

Sometimes new materials will resist damage and dry or clean faster than before. Other times the new elements are damaged and less salvageable than the older materials.

Cartoon of a man finding his basement has flooded. Basement flooding repair is needed.
And old man finds a leak in his water heater. He needs basement flooding repair.

Most new products were introduced to save the builder or manufacture production costs, though at times the mitigation and repairs exceed the cheaper replacement costs.

Sometimes the more modern materials are more available than the old and are chosen to expedite a claim faster.

It’s a challenge for the professional water damage restorer to consider these changes when mitigating and to restore any loss.

Action Restoration Inc. believes the best solution is a WIN-WIN-WIN result for the property owner, the insurer, and the restoration company. Together we can mitigate the loss faster, inspect more thoroughly, then communicate better with everyone involved.

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