Action Restoration or Carpet Cleaner?

Jan 30, 2017

With the recent economic downturns, we’ve seen many companies try to diversify their product offerings. McDonalds has positioned themselves to get a piece of Starbucks’ hold on the premium coffee market, while Dunkin Donuts concurrently is trying to horn in on McDonald’s dominance in breakfast food. In the world of insurance, we’ve seen internet companies enter the market with powerful marketing campaigns and witty commercials.

In the world of Fire/Water/Mold Restoration, we’ve seen a large influx of traditional carpet cleaners enter the Restoration market. Carpet/Rug/Drapery cleaners have been around for a long time, and many have built good reputations, with good tag lines, which have built name recognition. With the desire to diversify, several of these companies looked at their truck mounted units and have decided that it’s not that difficult to extract water, clean the carpets, and brand themselves as Restorers.

What’s the difference?

Carpet Cleaners have been needed by property owners to provide general maintenance cleaning to remove common soils and stains from everyday living, and enhance the appearance and extend the life of carpeting, upholstery, and window treatments.

During a Fire/Water/Mold damage situation, however, many other additional services are needed. The level of soiling and/or contamination is usually greatly increased. Heavy extraction is usually required. The entire living or working area is usually affected, and prompt and thorough action is necessary to prevent any further damage from occurring.

  • Fires produce unique soils and odors that are often extremely difficult to remove without specialized training, equipment, tools, and expertise.
  • In a Water Loss, the presence of gray water, mold, or raw sewage initiates special protocols not typically used in maintenance cleaning.
  • Oftentimes, immediate Demolition of drywall is necessary to allow complete and efficient drying to occur. Without that demolition and expertise, the drying equipment then has to remain for as much as twice as long as necessary and the risk for mold increases dramatically, not to mention the additional expense generated for the insurance carrier.
  • The proper availability and use of Equipment is necessary for complete dry-out of a structure. Most carpet cleaners have two or four air movers on their trucks to assist with drying carpet after a general cleaning. Sufficient dehumidification is necessary to allow drying of the entire structure to occur, or you’re just moving moist air around the room, not drying the room.

Action Restoration salutes the general carpet cleaning firms and their contribution to the cleaning industry. Very often, we network together to assist general maintenance customers when a disaster strikes. When disaster strikes, however, we look forward to providing the full service Restoration services that your clients need and deserve.