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Prevent Leaking Water from Damaging Your Roof and Attic

We can be thankful to have a roof over our heads, but let’s not take that same roof for granted. Homeowners should be sure to prevent a leaking roof from damaging their home’s structure or attic by taking action early, before disaster strikes.

Early Thaw Causes Significant West Michigan Flooding

If you’re one of the thousands of West Michigan families affected by the early thaw and subsequent flooding, be aware that even small amounts of water can cause significant damage. The most obvious question after a flood isn’t always “How to remove wet carpet” but it should be a top priority.

Icicles: Stunning Scenery or Serious Issues?

Icicles hanging from a snowy rooftop may seem picturesque, but they are a sign of something far more severe. Ice between your shingles and along your gutter rail can block the flow of melting snow off your roof and damage your roofing, resulting in water seeping into your home, making ice dam damage repair a necessity.